• Book Three

    📚 Exciting News Unveiled! 🚀 Embark on a thrilling journey through time and mystique with my latest creation, The Mummy's Gift! Dive into the enchanting narrative set against the backdrop of the California Gold Rush era in the late 1840s. In a tale woven with threads of romance, danger, and mystical insights, two sisters find themselves entwined in a captivating adventure through time. As destiny unfolds, Heather and Angelica navigate separate temporal realms, encountering shape-shifting wonders and captivating visions. Heather's world takes a mesmerizing turn as she discovers herself in the lush jungles of Ecuador, on a quest to return a mystical belt to a mummy atop a volcano, seeking to break her lover's haunting curse. However, the path to redemption is fraught with peril. Vengeful arsonists, a colossal bear, and the mysterious disappearance of Angelica add layers of suspense to this gripping narrative. Both sisters must confront a common adversary with a thirst for vengeance, uniting against formidable odds. The Mummy's Gift promises an enthralling blend of history, mysticism, and uncharted adventure. Be prepared to lose yourself in a world where time is a tapestry, love is an enduring force, and danger lurks in every corner. Don't miss your chance to be among the first to embark on this mesmerizing journey! 📖✨🚀

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  • Book Two

    In The Fall of 1995, Heather learns through a mysterious letter that her sister, Angelica, time-traveled to 1849, and with nothing holding her in current day California, Heather sets out in search of Angelica. When she reaches Angelica’s rancho, she learns that her sister has fled to Monterey to escape from violence of two thugs, Joseph and Texas Jack. Her journey finds her challenged with dangerous animals and an even more dangerous romance. As she waits for a ship to take her to Monterey, she meets Dr. David Robertson and falls in love. A twentieth century independent woman, Heather learns she must face situations unfamiliar to her as a nineteenth century woman. As Heather deals with harrowing circumstances that seem to embrace her, she meets a Gypsy palm reader from San Francisco’s Chilecito District who warns her about an unexpected journey an impending danger for her and her new sweetheart. And her new odyssey begins...

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  • World weary, despondent and widowed, Angelica, an anthropology professor from the University of San Francisco, takes a trip to heal her soul. While canoeing on the Russian River, she collides with a submerged tree and becomes pinned underwater where she has a near-death experience. The Shape-Shifter’s Wife tells the story of how Angelica, transported to California’s Gold Rush era in 1848, meets a handsome Frenchman shackled with a family curse, and an Indian medicine man who is compelled to reveal a prophecy that will change her life.

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  • Reader Reviews

  • Sheryl J. Bize-Boutte, Author

    Betrayal on the Bayou and other works

    In The Mummy’s Gift, Carolyn Radmanovich takes us to book three in the Shape-Shifter’s Wife series. Set in 1849, this meticulously researched and luminous novel moves back and forth through time with eloquent liquidity. It follows its lead characters, Angelica and Heather, through many adventures and life challenges as they take whatever form they must to accomplish the goal. The writing is staunchly embedded with the care and kindness of loving and being loved as the author steps through this suspenseful, surreal, and moving story. Radmanovich’s vibrant descriptions of Angelica’s and Heather’s transformations are, by themselves, magical and intense, worthy of high praise, and when set inside adventure, family love, and romance, they power the story forward. Further strength is found in Radmanovich’s colorful and enriching historical landscapes, which beautifully place the reader in the moments in which the characters reside, promoting reader investment and page-turning interest.

  • Sharon S. Darrow, Author

    Laura’s Dash Series

    The Mummy's Gift, the third book in the Shape-Shifter's Wife series, completes this time travel romance story. Fans of the first two novels will love the reunion of two remarkable sisters from modern San Francisco who travel back to 1849, where they fall in love with exceptional men. The pieces finally come together—but not before the characters face physical and spiritual challenges with unique plot twists and turns. This romantic treat will satisfy readers with nefarious villains, intrepid women able to bridge the unique challenges of going back and surviving over a hundred years before they were born, and a liberal sprinkling of ancient paranormal legends come to life.

  • Kathleen Torian Taylor, Author

    Death by Arrangement

    The Mummy’s Gift by Carolyn Radmanovich. Suspense, romance, time travel, shape-shifting! Carolyn Radmanovich takes the reader on a journey, time traveling from the 1900s back to the 1800s. Angelica searches for her sister Heather and her love, Reynard. She is confronted by Texas Jack, who is a threat to all their lives. While Angelica travels to Northern California, her sister Heather goes through the jungles of Ecuador to meet a shaman desperately trying to get rid of the curse. The writer’s research is excellent, right down to the lack of medicine Angelica has to deal with in the 1800s. She uses the available herbs that she has studied to help heal. The hardships of pregnancy, disease, and injuries are written in meticulous detail. The author doesn’t just tell the story; she writes in a way that touches all the senses. This novel puts the reader alongside the protagonist, even when she shape-shifts and takes flight. The Mummy’s Gift grabs you from the beginning and doesn’t let go until the last page.

  • C.F. Kennison, Ph.D., Author, Educator

    Review of The Gypsy’s Warning, Book Two, The Shape-Shifter’s Wife Series Radmanovich takes readers on a journey through time back to California during the Gold Rush era. The adventure blends bewitchment and Wild West reality. The spot-on historical setting offers insight to the realities of the environment at the time, and of the suffering. At the same time the story provides romance and magic. The heroine is outspoken when women were supposed to be meek, and her locks stick out because they are blazing red. An independent woman journeys through time and experiences the best and the worst of people during the Gold Rush. She learns a lot about herself as well. Life threw a lot at her. A gypsy warns her about yet another journey, one filled with “great peril.”